Canucks and Budweiser unveil Penalty Box Patio for serving food, drinks in isolation

Posted on Jul 30, 2020 by Brad McCabe

Fans can enjoy world's tiniest sports bar while also practicing physical distancing

This is the first time where following the rules will land you in the penalty box.

The Vancouver Canucks have introduced their Penalty Box Patio, Canada's tiniest physically distanced sports bar.
As the world continues to try to slow the coronavirus pandemic, the Canucks have brought an outdoor seating bar/restaurant that is perfect for the times.

"While fans may not be able to cheer from the stands right now, their passion and support of Canucks hockey has not wavered," Trent Carroll, CEO, Canucks Sports & Entertainment told the team's website. "In celebration of the start of hockey, the Penalty Box Patio is a fun way for us to bring a unique hockey experience to a sunny patio for our fans who are looking to get outside and be a part of the excitement of the return of Canucks hockey."

It's a natural fit considering a penalty box is built for isolation and comes with physical barriers. Servers wear custom Canucks masks, and the area is sanitized between every customer.

Some Canucks season ticket holders got the first crack at the tiny table, which serves drinks and game-day food from Rogers Arena and aims to remain open at least through the Stanley Cup Qualifiers and Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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